About TVMA

Q & A with Tim Moyer

What are the TVMA’s? When and how did they get started?

After being a “Band Dad” and on the board for Vista Murrieta High School’s marching band, I know the importance of music in schools. My son Shawn was on the drum line for all four years and has become a professional drummer as well as writing and producing music for film and TV; this, mainly due to his music education. These programs cost money, from the equipment, special coaching, custom written music arrangements, travel, and uniforms, just to mention a few. I started the TVMAs to help provide much needed financial support for these programs.

So partner that with the over 13 years of living and performing myself in the Temecula valley, seeing countless amazingly talented artists emerge. I have also seen the huge growth of music venues in the area. So I felt that we as a music community could use some form of recognition while finding ways to help launch the careers of many of those emerging artists of all ages.

I wanted to make sure that the TVMAs keeps a very impartial voting process. So the result is using non-paid, award winning, well-established, professional hard working artists and music industry professionals from outside the Temecula Valley and all over the world. Most importantly to me, they are professionals whom I can trust to give an honest opinion.

What is the purpose of the group?

It is my hope that by recognizing our local talent, we could achieve a few things:
Give us some local pride of our musical artists that would reach beyond our Valley.
Give added validity to local artist’s music careers.
Give Artists a website to advertise their music that is only focused on Temecula Valley artists. Each submitting artists has the option of creating a profile including a picture, links to music, and video.
Lastly, and definitely the most important piece, as a non-profit, offering much needed financial support to the local school music programs that create our valley’s future stars!

What do I get out of this?

It has been said by many that the music business is “a contact sport”. I take that two ways. It means every connection you make will bring you closer to success. Whatever that means to you. It also means if you can’t take a few knocks you don’t belong in the game.  I have met so many amazingly talented people and also many very good humans who have become lifelong friends. You can’t put a price on that, but through those connections I have been given opportunities I might never had been exposed to.

It is very important to this type of organization to have corporate support so I would like to acknowledge the companies that have stepped up to support us so far:

D’Addario, Taylor Guitars, Ableton, Dunlop, Looploft, RadioAirPlay, Recording Farm, and Festivalnet


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